Certified Service Oriented Enterprise Professional (CSOEP)

Datacenter – Infrastructure - Architecture - Processes – Security – Management

Globeron is the 1st official training partner of the CSOEP Certified Service Oriented Enterprise Professional programme.

The CSOEP certification is an IT education & certification body for Service Oriented IT Certification.

The CSOEP program is designed around the Service Oriented Enterprise solution house. The solution house represents the integration of 5 layers – Datacenter, Infrastructure, Process, Security & Management. The goal of the CSOEP program is to assist the DataCenter and IT professionals in understanding how the various layers work with each other within the Service Oriented Enterprise.

IT professionals are given the opportunity to explore how datacentre facilities affect IT infrastructure and without proper procedures in place, can have an adverse impact on Service, Security and Business Continuity/ Disaster Recovery processes as well. IT infrastructure is the link between the datacentre and the end user, which makes it central to the Service Oriented Enterprise as any single point of failure may cause an interruption in an IT Service. Processes govern how IT service lines are managed and what kinds of Service Management frameworks need to be implemented in line with the IT Business strategy. These frameworks with processes and procedures have a direct influence on how the datacentre and infrastructure are managed from an operations perspective.

However, even with IT service management frameworks to manage IT Service lines end-to-end from the datacentre, across the infrastructure and to the end user, no house/structure will be sustainable without walls. These walls are represented in the solution house by Management and Security. Management of all aspects of the IT service line end-to-end is essential for ensuring high availability in the service oriented enterprise. This includes management of facilities, cabling, networking equipment, storage devices as well as network protocols and data. The last wall that helps build a Service Oriented Enterprise is that of security. Effective Security processes help to reduce the risk of events that can have a devastating impact on Business and Service Continuity. It is the last essential piece of the service oriented enterprise.


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