Certified Service Oriented Enterprise Professional (CSOEP)

Service Oriented Enterprise Expert: The one voice in a DataCenter and IT organization that everyone’s in sync with

The Certified Service Oriented Enterprise Professional (CSOEP) training is the top training for DataCenter and IT professionals.There are CSOEP professionals in Fortune 500 companies, MNCs, SMEs and government organizations worldwide. The professionals varies from middle to upper IT & DC management, engineers, consultants, datacenter professionals, security, service delivery & support staff, IT administrators and cabling professionals.

The CSOEP program demands an in depth study of how to manage technical and non-technical aspects of datacenters of all sizes. Whether you’re an IT administrator / manager for an SME, or an IT manager at an MNC, the service management, security and business continuity management frameworks presented in the CSOEP course can be applied to your organization to reduce risk and increase profits.

Please refer to the following brochure for a detailed course outline:


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